Thursday, 19 November 2009

I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby.

These babys are a sight for sore eyes !!!

Honestly though, I'm so excited someone created these beautiful creatures and I want to wear them, on my face.. all the time.
As I sit here and type this I'm wearing my D&G glasses that cost me £200 but never see the light of day. At home I wear them constantly and when the lights dim in the cinema I will sneakily slip them on. But in any other situation you will see me squinting into the distance and repeating my catchphrase, 'I can't see it.' They may have been the most attractive spectacles in my local opticians and they may have cost more than any piece of clothing I own.. but they are a total embarrassment. They are resigned to their fate of only being worn on days when I will not be seen by anyone I know.
In steps Anna Laub, the genius behind Prism. She treats glasses as a fashion accessory and has designed luxuary eyewear inspired by vintage styles and Bauhaus architecture .

As it states on the website:
The frames are carved out of these blocks of acetate 
and finished by hand at a family-run factory in the
North Eastern region of Italy, where glasses-making
originated from. The line is also produced in very
limited numbers, so owners are one of very few '

This is something you can wear forever, and something that will add to your look not take away from it. Much more important than a bag or a pair of shoes.

My only problem is... HOW DO I BUY A PAIR UP HERE IN GLASGOW!!!

(left to right) Anna Laub in her own designs, Rio in dark tortoise shell, Rio in creme tortoise shell

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