Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Check out http://weliveyoung.blogspot.com
She's a really talented photographer of only 17. A really interesting free spirit. Her stories about 'the time she was homeless' and 'the time she ran away to be with her lover' are just as interesting as her photos.
There's lots to be learned from people who live their lives to the full like this.

She's entered a photography competition where the prize is a year of rent free living in a million dollar apartment.


Just go to that website , the bottom of the page and rate the portfolio 5 stars. Easy peasy. Go Go Go.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

candy floss hair.

I know it's very old news... But I'm still obsessed and would like some pastel hair for myself...

From Lula issue six.

From Dazed and Confused.

From Pop.

Proenza Schouler s/s10

Dree Hemmingway.

Giles s/s10

Christiane F.

The three story slide at the Milan offices of Prada. The slide starts in the middle of the concrete floor of Mrs Prada’s office. Too cool Miuccia ! They’re works of art by German artist Carsten Holler. 

Thursday, 26 November 2009

the art of the trench

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I've got trenches on the brain! As someone of a limited budget I've decided it's a really worthwhile investment to get a really good coat that I can wear for years.. 
So join me as I google 'trench coat' and see what I find! 

photo from art of the trench

photo from art of the trench

Alexa in a Burberry trench.

Emma Watson modelling for Burberry's autumn/winter 2009 collection

Marion Cotillard showing french elegant dressing at it's finest.

here's some trenches on sale now.

Trench by twenty8twelve
I love the detail on the sleeves of this one! Looks great as it's styled here rolled up with long gloves on.

Check and patent trim trench Topshop
Nom Nom Nom nom , I like the skirt on this, very prim and proper.. Even if you've got nothing on underneath ;)


The trench really is a timeless classic, and with items like this its worth bearing in mind you can wear this for the next 10 years and perhaps it justifys a bigger price tag if it's a really beautiful one.

Friday, 20 November 2009

daul kim

A few minutes after my last post I learned that Daul Kim has died, possibly by hanging.
It seems bad taste after my previous post which makes a joke out of the problems of models and celebrities.. It's not a laughing matter and the thought that someone so young feels hopeless and desperate enough to take their own life is very sad. I hope others out there will seek help if they're having these sorts of thoughts... If you're worried about one of your friends then reach out to them.

What a tragedy for her friends, her family and the fashion world.


supermodels enter rehab

from italian vogue july 2007
photographed by Steven Meisel

It's been posted before on many blogs, but I love this shoot too much! Beautiful, beautiful photos! A few of these remind me of Girl, interrupted and The Virgin Suicides movie.. I had to share it.

can you see the similarities?

Bad taste.. perhaps? Controversial.. FO SHO.


And here's another little gift for you, while searching for scans of the editorial I stumbled upon this fashion photographers blog. If its a subject that interests you his inspirations are all fascinating.

This post is a bit here and there, but this blog is what I'll be reading after I click the old publish post button! So I thought I'd share.