Thursday, 19 November 2009


introducing my new favourite shop!

Whistles has been revamped this year by Jane Shepherdson. Who has been titled 'one of the most important women in fashion.' She helped to transform Topshop into the high streets reigning queen that it is today.

Girl power!

She is the woman who's taken Whistles from mammys favourite seller of cardigans to intelligent fashion with thoughtful tailoring. There is the kind of quality you only find on designer labels but at affordable prices. If you're looking for beautiful silhouettes, and wardrobe staples then I suggest you make like me and find your nearest store. 

If like me you've got a student budget then I suggest checking out the coats and the knitwear first as for me they'd be staples and investment pieces that I'd wear EVERY DAY, possibly even to bed. 

This coat in particular would have to be pried from my cold dead hands..

Check out the website and keep them on the fashion radar... 

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